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What is self-care?

Your guide to mindfulness with Breathe Box Products and Services

The Three 'R's of Self Care

Unmade Bed

Whether it's been a stressful day/week/year, anxiety and stress are physically exhausting.


Your body needs to rest and Relax first and foremost, before anything else.

Skin Care

During a period of mental or physical illness, you'll want to do everything you can to feel better. 

While you Relax, you can help yourself Recover with healthy and mindful rituals.

Swimming Pool

After you have given yourself time to Relax and Recover, it is easy to become lethargic.

Revitalise your body and mind and get back to your old self.

Each product is designed to help you to create small, daily rituals, that can help you on your journey to health and wellbeing. Click on each one to find out what's inside.

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