My Journey with Breathe Box

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

What do you do when you are struggling to balance work and childcare, have had most of your support system taken away from you due to a pandemic, and are struggling to manage your anxiety?

Start a business, that's what!

You may be wondering what sort of person would want to add to that already barely manageable load, but I am the type who always feels better when I have a purpose and a goal. Something that lockdown took away from a lot of people was a sense of worth to their day. People were forced to just get through as best as they could, so I wanted to do something to help people feel their worth again.

But having a good idea is not enough, and over the past few months my brain has been in five different places at once; products, costings, ethical packaging, marketing, and financing. My ever-suffering husband has been audience to almost daily 'brain-dumps' of ideas, stresses, problem-solving, and the occasional rant about how everything takes too long.

But here we are, launching pre-orders for a product that I am so excited to share with everyone, that I genuinely believe will make anyone feel special and worthy of some self-care, using products from companies that you may not have heard of but I know you will love.

I won't lie - getting to this point has not only taken up a lot of my free time, but has also meant having to take big giant leaps out of my comfort zone. There will be a lot more of that to come, but every time I have felt unworthy of getting this project off the ground I have adopted a technique where I ask myself 'What would I say to a friend?’.

I would tell them I believe in them and that I know they can do it.

I would tell them mistakes may happen but they will learn from them.

I would tell them that it doesn't matter if they don't know how to do something: As long as they admit it then they will learn as they go.

So this is what I tell myself.

And yes, it may take more than just a good idea to launch a business, but back that up with some mildly-crazed determination to make it happen, and a little bit of 'fake it till you make it' confidence, and we may just get there.

But the next part of the journey needs you -someone who believes both in supporting local independent businesses and that people deserve to take time for themselves. Someone who believes that Breathe Box can help with both of these. If you do, please think about pre-ordering one of our self-care boxes and treat yourself or a loved one.

Not only do we have a special pre-order discount of £32.99, but we have also partnered with Boulder Hut in Ellesmere Port to offer our first 100 Cheshire customers a free climb and shoe hire!

If you are from a Cheshire-based organisation and would like to purchase a few boxes for your staff, clients, or volunteers, then drop us an email at for an exclusive discount.

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