Be a real Mother-Lover this Mother's Day

Like most people this year, I have had to go the longest I've ever gone without seeing my mum. By Mother's Day, it will be more than 4 months since I saw her in person.

I know that a lot of people this year will be looking for a way to show their mum some love in the best way possible without being able to see them, so something like Breathe Box is the perfect gift during such a stressful time.

But not everyone who needs that extra loving gift will be able to receive one; if they're a single mum with young children or part of a low-income family, or perhaps they're a frontline worker giving every spare hour to their job, then Mother's Day is like to be no different from any other day.

That is why we have partnered with two fantastic organisations who are going to help us put our new #MotherLoving Self Care campaign into action, by getting free boxes to mums who truly deserve it!

Milestone Mums and Mother's Mental Health Matters both organise events and create an open and safe community for mums with mental health problems, giving them a safe space to find other women they can relate to and talk about their issues. We will be working together to get funding for 200 of the £20 self-care boxes and find 200 women who will benefit the most from some self-care and mindfulness.