6 Affirmations to Help You Get To Sleep

Do you have trouble getting to sleep? Here are 6 affirmations that you can repeat to yourself at night to help focus your brain and drift off to sleep...

  1. "Tomorrow is a new day"

  2. "I am thankful for today"

  3. "What I have done today is enough"

  4. "I deserve a good night of sleep"

  5. "There is nothing I need to do now but relax"

  6. "I release all the tension in my body"

Here are a few other tricks that may help as well...

  • Have a warm, relaxing shower before bed.

  • Mindful rituals like making a herbal tea or giving myself a hand massage

  • Meditation with affirmations like these.

  • Stop 'trying' to sleep by getting up, moving around a bit, and trying again.

What tools do you have in your kit to help you sleep?

Take a look at some of our self care boxes, filled with Cheshire-made products, designed to help you relax, including a lavender soap, relaxing hand cream, and a scented candle that can all be used to create the perfect bedtime routine...

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